Family Cases


Our Expert Family Lawyers deal with all kinds of Family matters like Maintenance of Wife & Children, separation (divorce/ khulla), child custody and guardianship and succession certificates etc.

We deal in following family cases

  1. Maintenance of wife, we deal in cases regarding maintenance of wife
  2. Maintenance of children, it is legal duty of father to bear the expenses of children and if children are not maintained by the father the minor can sue the father for the maintenance
  3. Recovery of Dower Amount (Haq Mahr), wife can sue the husband for the recovery of dower amount (haq mahr)
  4. Recovery of Dowery Articles (saman-jahez), wife can sue the husband for the recovery of Dowery Articles (saman-jahez)
  5. Custody of children, services related to child custody are also provided by our Law Firm.
  6. Guardian certificate, our services are available to help you seek Wilayah or Hizanah of minor.
  7. The succession certificate
  8. Adoption of child
  9. Khulla by wife through court
  10. Divorce / Talaq
  11. Second Marriage.
  12. Restitution of Conjugal Rights.