Transgender Law in Pakistan

As of my last update in September 2021, Pakistan did not have comprehensive legislation specifically addressing transgender rights. However, there were some significant developments in the country that sought to recognize and protect the rights of transgender law individuals.

In 2018, Pakistan’s Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that recognized the rights of transgender people, including the right to self-identify their gender. The court ordered the government to ensure the provision of rights such as education, employment opportunities, and health services to the transgender community.

Following the court’s ruling, there were ongoing discussions and efforts by activists and lawmakers to introduce legislation aimed at protecting transgender rights. However, it’s essential to note that Pakistan’s legal landscape is complex, and societal attitudes towards transgender individuals can still be challenging.

It’s possible that there have been further developments beyond my last update, and I recommend checking more recent sources for up-to-date information on transgender laws in Pakistan. Legislation and societal attitudes toward marginalized communities can change over time, so it’s important to access current and reliable sources for the most accurate information. For more info contact us at 0300-8500985 or click the link