Online Nikah / Marriage

In Pakistan, a Nikah (Islamic marriage ceremony) can be conducted both in person and online. However, the legal requirements and processes may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the interpretation of Islamic and civil laws. Here are some key points to consider.

What is Online Nikah?

What is Procedure of Online Nikah?

Online Nikah also known as virtual marriage, is a marriage ceremony that takes place over the internet. In Pakistan, online Nikah is not legally recognized by the government and therefore, is not considered a valid form of marriage. The government of Pakistan requires that all marriages be registered with the relevant authorities and take place in person. In order to be considered a legal marriage, both parties must be present at the ceremony and the event must be witnessed by at least two adult Muslim males. But if both the parties provide their documents and Nikah witnesses after signing & thumb impression then Nikah Nama duly registered by Nikah Khawan & Nikah Registrar.

Kinds of Nikah

  1. In-Person Nikah: Traditionally, Nikah ceremonies are conducted in person with the presence of the bride, groom, and witnesses. The bride’s consent is a crucial element in Islamic marriage. Typically, the bride and groom, along with their respective guardians and witnesses, are present during the ceremony. A marriage registrar/Nikah Khawan or an Islamic cleric conducts the ceremony, and the Nikahnama (marriage contract) is signed and the Nikah Registrar registered this Nikah Nama properly.
  2. Online Nikah: Some Islamic scholars and authorities in Pakistan may allow Nikah ceremonies to be conducted online through WhatsApp call, skype, zoom etc., especially if the physical presence of either party is not possible due to valid reasons, such as living in different cities and countries or health concerns. However, the legality and acceptance of online Nikah ceremonies can vary, and it’s important to consult with a local religious authority or scholar.
  3. Legal Registration: While a Nikah ceremony is a religious requirement, it is essential to legally register the marriage with the government authorities. In Pakistan, the Nikahnama is required to be registered with the Nikah Registrar and Arbitration Council, which is part of the local government.
  4. Nikah Witnesses: Regardless of whether the Nikah is conducted in person or online, witnesses are crucial. They must be present during the Nikah ceremony to testify that the Nikah took place with the free consent of both parties. Two witness must be required at the time of Nikah.
  5. Documentation: Ensure that all necessary documentation, such as national identity cards, is in order. The exact requirements may differ by region.
  6. Consult with our Family Lawyer: If you plan to conduct an online Nikah in Pakistan, it is advisable to consult with our qualified Family Lawyer who can guide you through the process and ensure that it complies with Islamic and legal requirements.
  7. Required Documents For Online-Nikah:

1, Both Male & Female id card copies.

2, Passport Size 4 Pics for both Male & Female.

  1. In case Foreign/Abroad Passport copy required

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