Tosha Khana case

Tosha Khana is a term used in Pakistan to refer to the Prime Minister’s official residence where state gifts received by the Ex-Prime Minister are kept. In 2019, there were reports in the Pakistani media about alleged irregularities in the use of gifts received by Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Tosha Khana Case.

The controversy was sparked by reports that Imran Khan had received expensive gifts from foreign leaders, including luxury watches and other high-value items. Some critics accused Khan of using the gifts for personal benefit, rather than for the benefit of the state or the people of Pakistan.

In response to these allegations, the PTI denied any wrongdoing and stated that all gifts received by the Ex-Prime Minister were properly recorded and used for official purposes. However, the controversy continued to simmer, with opposition politicians and members of the public calling for greater transparency and accountability in the use of state resources.

It’s worth noting that the controversy surrounding the Tosha Khana gifts is just one of many political controversies in Pakistan, and opinions on the matter are divided. Some see it as a symbol of corruption and misuse of power, while others argue that the issue has been blown out of proportion and is being used as a political tool by the opposition. For more info click the link