Court Marriage/Love Marriage / Nikah

In Pakistan, court marriage / love marriage is a legal process that allows couples to register their marriage / nikaah (Nikah Nama) with the government through a court of law, rather than through traditional religious ceremonies. The process typically involves filling out a legal form and providing certain documents, such as proof of identity and consent from both parties. The couple must also have witnesses present at the time of the court marriage. Once the marriage / nikah is registered in the record of Nikah khawan / Nikah Registrar, the couple is considered legally married and is issued a marriage certificate. It’s important to note that court marriages in Pakistan are governed by the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance and have some difference with the procedure of court marriage / Nikah

What is Court Marriage Procedure/ Process?
The procedure for court marriage in Pakistan involves several steps and can vary slightly depending on the specific jurisdiction and the circumstances of the individuals involved.  Here is a general outline of the steps typically involved in a court marriage in Pakistan:

  1. Obtain a CNIC/Identity Card: Both the parties must have valid Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) or National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOPs) if applicable.
  2. Age Requirements: Ensure that both parties meet the legal age requirements for marriage. The legal age for marriage in Pakistan is 18 years for males and 16 years for females.
  3. Notice of Intention: You may need to provide a written notice of your intention to marry to the Marriage Registration/Nikah Registrar. The notice period varies by jurisdiction but is usually around 21 days.
  4. Affidavit of Free will: From Female side free will affidavit required to sign an affidavit stating their consent to the marriage.
  5. Nikah Witnesses: You will need to have two witnesses who are of sound mind and have valid CNICs. They will need to be present at the time of marriage/ Nikah ceremony. If party cannot arrange the Nikah witnesses, then we provide Nikah witnesses.
  6. What documents need for court marriage ?
  7. Required Documents for Court Marriage: You will typically need to provide the following documents:
  • Id card copies of both Male & Female.
    • Passport-sized photographs for both the parties.
  • Visit the Nikah Registrar: You and your witnesses will need to visit the office of the Nikah Registrar. Here, you will fill out the necessary forms and provide the required documents id cards copies.
  • Payment of Fees: There may be fees associated with the court marriage process. These fees can vary depending on the case.
  • Nikah Ceremony: The Nikah ceremony will be performed by a Nikah Khawan in presence of witnesses. After Nikah ceremony both the parties and witnesses will be required to sign & Thumb impression on the Nikah nama.
  • Receiving Your Marriage document/Registered Nikah Nama: After the Nikah ceremony, you will be provided with a Registered Nikah nama, which serves as your legal marriage document. This document is essential for legal recognition of your marriage.
  • Registration: It’s advisable to get your marriage registered with the relevant government authorities. The Nikah nama may need to be submitted to the local Registrar Marriages for official registration.

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