Non Bailable Warrant

A non-bailable warrant is a legal document issued by a court that authorizes the arrest of a person and does not allow for their release on bail. This type of warrant is issued in cases where the offense is considered serious, and there is a high risk that the person may flee or tamper with evidence if released on bail.

When a non-bailable warrant is issued, the person is usually taken into custody by the police and held in jail until their court hearing. The court may then decide whether to grant bail or keep the person in custody until the trial is completed.

Examples of offenses that may warrant a non-bailable warrant include serious crimes such as murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, and sexual offenses. The decision to issue a non-bailable warrant is at the discretion of the judge or magistrate and is based on the facts and circumstances of the case. For more info contact us at 0300-8500985 or click the link